Eli the Eagle

Whale + Narwhal

Plush Chick

Olive the Otter

Gingerbread House

Mini Elephant

Llama Ornament

Elephant Ornament

Bunny Ornament

Bear Ornament

Hot Cocoa and Cookies

Mini Gingerbread Doll

Spring Bunny Decor


Mini Lion

Berry Fall Pumpkin

Fox Ornament

Cow Stocking

Watermelon Ami

Penny the Panda

Rainbows of Linen Blanket (Linen Stitch)

Color Block Throw Pillow (Herringbone Half Double Crochet)


Mini Duck

Simon the Sloth

Mini Elf

Rudy the Raccoon

Anna the Acorn

Farmhouse Pumpkin

Mini Zebra

Mini Polar Bear

Penguin Ornament

Callie the Calico Cat


Hannah the Hamster

Mini Cow

Large Cow

Mini Lamb

Mini Chick



The Grace Filled Stocking

Mini Turkey


Llama Pillow

Large Flamingo

Mini Flamingo

Watermelon Pencil Can Cozy

Anna the Angel

Mini Snowman

Mini Penguin

Mini Reindeer


Mini Bunny

Beatrice the Bumblebee

Mini Horse and Donkey

Lamb Headband

Large Horse and Donkey

Chick Pillow

Large Pig

Valentine Trio

Mini Hearts

Mini Llama

Ami Moose


Large Llama

Mini Christmas Tree

Seal Pup

Candy Corn

Ballerina Bunch

Mini Pig

Katie Koala

Amy Doll

Gingerbread Boy

Gingerbread Girl

Peter the Polar Bear

Penn the Penguin

Ray the Reindeer


Cuddly Caterpillar

Easy Crochet Hairclips

Duck Ami

Emma the Fox

Eli the Fox

Easy Crochet Mop Cover (Crunch Stitch)

Berry Patch Bunny (Boy)

Berry Patch Bunny (Girl)

Crochet Bunny Headband

Marshall the Frog

Mia the Frog

Holly the Honey Bear


  1. Love your patterns!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  2. Thank you SO much for sharing your patterns! I've made two so far and they are absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to try more!

  3. Hi Stephanie!
    I just came across your blog, and these gorgeous, gorgeous amigurumi patterns! I can't wait to try them out😍

  4. I am so glad I ran across all of these. I haven’t started yet but I do plan to start today.I have been practicing up on some of them first to see how hard they are. I want to try the cows the smaller and bigger ones, they are so cute. Thank you again for sharing them!

  5. I love your patterns. I've made several different versions of your berry patch bunny - both girl and boy versions and my friends absolultely LOVE them. I'd love to see a kangaroo!!

  6. You are amazing!
    I had only made 2 amigurumi animals before I started Ray the Reindeer. I love how you join the legs and body together, even though I had to undo a few rows and watch your video before I did it right. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  7. Love your patterns! Thank you so much for sharing them ❤️

  8. Truly such adorable patterns! Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. i just discovered this websites and I love all you patterns

  10. I love your patterns. You design amazing work!!!

  11. I can't wait to start making your patterns! They look beautiful!

  12. LOVE YOUR PATTERNS!!! Im sad though, I clicked on the pic of the head band with bunny ears and roses and it went to the boy bunny pattern instead. Tried a few times, same result, any chance you still have that page available?? Could you post the link for me pretty please??

    1. Thank you so much! I will get that fixed, I’ll attach the link for you below :)

  13. I love these patterns! Thank you so much for making them! Do you happen to have a large lion pattern as well? I see many have a mini and a large but I don't see a large lion here. Just curious!

    1. Thank you so much! At this time I only have a mini version but hope to have a larger one in the future!

  14. Amazed at the patterns. Thank you so much I have created 4 so far.

  15. Hello Stephanie, I love your Patterns, not difficult and everything is easy to make

  16. Great patterns glad I found these. Super easy to comprehend and follow along with. Thank you for your dedication!

  17. I love your patterns, so easy to follow. I so far have made Nutmeg and it came out looking just like the picture after I figured I needed to flatten the head. I will be making more.

  18. Omg I love your work!!

  19. Thank you so much for these amazing patterns. I have made a few that turned out absolutely beautiful and I have just found a few more I NEED to do !

  20. your patterns are awesome!!! Thanks so much for sharing them with all of us <3


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