Mini Amigurumi Heart Pattern

Happy Friday everyone! I've been a little MIA since our last pattern release. Back to back colds have run through our house and we are all finally starting to feel better. Which means I have pulled out my crochet hook again to finish up some patterns that I'm excited to share with you!

One of them are these fun little stuffed hearts! I'll be using them in a new pattern that you can find here!

These little hearts measure about 2 inches tall, I used size 4 worsted weight yarn and my favorite 3.5mm hook. (My poor hooks, I really need to mix it up and use the other sizes too, I might add that to my 2019 resolution list!)

Feel free to use another size hook or yarn if you'd like a smaller or bigger size heart. I think they could be quite fun with some safety eyes and facial expressions added too!

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  • Small amount of your color of choice (I used size 4 worsted weight yarn, this was a great way to use up some of my yarn that was too small to wind into a cake!) 
  • 3.5mm hook 
  • Scissors 
  • Tapestry needle (bent tips are my favorite for amigurumi but straight tips will work great as well, no sewing needed for this pattern!) 
  • Small amount of stuffing 

Abbreviations - US Terminology

MC - Magic circle

SC - Single crochet

SC INC - Single crochet increase

INV DEC - Invisible decrease

You will want to be familiar with working in a magic circle and using invisible decreases. I have a few examples below to get you started, for more amigurumi tips head over here!

Magic Circle -

A magic circle (also called an adjustable loop) is the most common way to start amigurumi.

1. Leaving about a 4 inch tail wrap the yarn into a circle as in the photos below.

2. Hold the loop by placing your fingers over the part where the working yarn crosses over the tail.

3. Insert your hook into the circle, yarn over, pull through and chain 1

4. You're magic circle is now ready to start as your pattern instructs (ex: if round one says 6 SC you will complete 6 SC around the loop)

5. Pull your tail tight to close

Invisible Decrease -

This is the preferred way to decrease in amigurumi, it keeps the decrease tight and avoids the 'bump' of a regular SC decrease.

An invisible decrease happens over two stitches, insert your hook into the front loop of the first stitch and then into the front loop of the second stitch (you will have 3 loops on your hook), yarn over, pull through two loops (you will have 2 loops left on your hook), yarn over again and pull through all loops on the hook.

Note: The heart is made with two pieces joined together. Make two pieces using rounds 1-4. At the end of the 2nd piece do not fasten off, proceed to round 5 to join them together and make the body of the heart.

**I recommend using a stitch marker either at the beginning or end of your round, slowly stuff as you go.

Here we go!

Round 1: Create a magic circle with 6 SC

Round 2: SC INC in each stitch around (12)

Rounds 3-4: SC around (12)

Round 5: Attach to the first piece with a SC. SC around the first piece and then the second (24 SC) This completes your join and is where your next round will start, from here we will work the rest of the heart.

Round 6: SC in the first 6 stitches, INV DEC in the next, rep around (21)

Round 7: SC in the first 5 stitches, INV DEC in the next, rep around (18)

Round 8: SC in the first 4 stitches, INV DEC in the next, rep around (15)

Round 9: SC in the first 3 stitches, INV DEC in the next, rep around (12)

Round 10: SC in the first 2 stitches, INV DEC in the next, rep around (9)

Round 11: SC in the first stitch, INV DEC in the next, rep around (6)

Fasten off and sew remaining part closed.

Your mini amigurumi heart is done, easy peasy! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Check back next week for a new pattern where we'll use these fun little hearts! Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful little hearts! They will make cute heart key chains! Thank you so much for very detailed pattern!

  2. These hearts are spectacular, and they look real easy to make.

  3. So cute! Just the perfect size for so many projects :) Nicely done!

  4. Thank you for this amazing pattern. So easy to follow.

  5. I love makeing these! This is such an easy 10-20 minute thing to crochet! Great for beginners. If you want the heart to be bigger use thicker yarn!


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