The Grace Filled Stocking - A Free Crochet Pattern


We are gearing up for the last few days before Christmas and I just finished making a stocking for each member in our family! I started this project a little over a month ago with hopes to share the pattern with you in plenty of time to make stockings for your family too.

Along the way came a LOT of frogging. Each new version brought me closer to the desired finished product I had in mind and I'm so happy with these soft and cuddly stockings!

I've seen so many fun makes with this soft fur yarn and many times I picked one up at the store only to put it back because I wasn't sure what to make with it. If you've been following the blog you know that I have a love for amigurumi.

I was sure the first time I used this yarn it would be to make a cute stuffed animal and to my surprise it just seemed like the perfect accent for a stocking! My love for amigurumi still shines through just a little in this design though, I couldn't help it!

First off, it starts using a magic circle, is worked primarily in single crochet stitches, and I worked mine in a continuous round. All fun parts to making an amigurumi. The only thing missing is stuffing, but I'll take care of that on Christmas Eve!

This pattern works up quite quickly, the Fable Fur yarn is nice and bulky and using our 9mm hook really speeds up the process but still leaves you with nice tight stitches to hold all of those goodies on Christmas morning.

I had so much fun making these stockings and I hope you do too!


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Materials -

Abbreviations - US terminology

SC- Single crochet

SC INC- Single crochet increase

SC DEC- Single crochet decrease

Rep – Repeat

St(s) – Stitch(es)

Ch - Chain

Finished stocking measurements -

Width at toe – 6.5 inches

Width at heel – 8 inches

Length (diagonal from top of base to tip of toe) – 18 inches

Gauge –

8 SC stitches for 8 rows – 4x4 inch square

Notes -

- Working with Go For Faux yarn can be tricky to find your stitches. You will want to feel for your stitches as you go.

- I recommend using stitch markers to help keep track of the beginning or end of each round.

- For this pattern we will be working in the round except for the heel where we will work back and forth in rows.

- The stocking will be made in one piece (starting at the toe) with a small amount of sewing at the heel.

Let's get started!

Toe -

Round 1: Create a magic circle with 6 SC

Round 2: SC INC in each stitch around (12)

Round 3: SC in the first stitch, SC INC in the next, rep around (18)

Round 4: SC in the first 2 sts, SC INC in the next, rep around (24)

Round 5: SC in the first 3 sts, SC INC in the next, rep around (30)

Rounds 6-17: SC around (30) 

Heel –

We will now start the heel working back and forth in rows, do not fasten off yarn.

Row 18: SC in the next 14 sts, ch 1 and turn (14)

Row 19: SC DEC, SC in the next 10 sts, SC DEC, ch 1 and turn (12)

Row 20: SC DEC, SC in the next 8 sts, SC DEC, ch 1 and turn (10)

Row 21: SC DEC, SC in the next 6 sts, SC DEC, ch 1 and turn (8)

Row 22: SC DEC, SC in the next 4 sts, SC DEC, ch 1 and turn (6)

Row 23: SC DEC, SC in the next 2 sts, SC DEC, ch 1 and turn (4)

Row 24: SC INC, SC in the next 2 sts, SC INC, ch 1 and turn (6)

Row 25: SC INC, SC in the next 4 sts, SC INC, ch 1 and turn (8)

Row 26: SC INC, SC in the next 6 sts, SC INC, ch 1 and turn (10)

Row 27: SC INC, SC in the next 8 sts, SC INC, ch 1 and turn (12)

Row 28: SC INC, SC in the next 10 sts, SC INC, ch 1 and turn (14) 

We are now ready to form the shape of our heel. To start, fold down the top half of the heel portion we just completed. We will be placing a series of slip stitches up each side to close the heel, you will want to make sure your hook goes through both the top and bottom piece of your folded heel as if we were sewing them together.

Slip stitch from the base of the heel to the top corner on the first side, fasten off. Moving to the 2nd side of the heel attach your yarn with a slip stitch into the top corner and slip stitch down to base of the heel, do not fasten off.

Pictures for reference below in both right and left handed visuals.



Lastly, we will turn the heel and toe inside out and are now ready to continue crocheting in the round as we did with the toe. 

In round 29 we will start with a SC DEC to close the gap as we go from the heel to the toe portion (I like to place my stitch marker here to mark the first stitch of the round). We will then crochet around the front of the toe until we reach the base of the heel (on the other side), here we will complete a SC DEC again to bridge the gap and crochet across the heel to our starting point. This round may feel like we are making our own stitches near the heel as we bring it together. At the end of round 29 we will want 32 stitches. If you find you are off by one or two stitches, feel free to add a decrease or increase in your next round to bring you to the right count.

Round 29: SC DEC, SC in the next 18 sts, SC DEC, SC in the last 12 sts (32)

Rounds 30-51: SC around (32)

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Hanging Tag

If you haven’t already you will want to trim your faux leather to make a strip measuring 1” wide by 5.5” long. Fold your strip in half and sew onto the inside fold of your stocking. For extra strength I made a square with an ‘X’ inside.

Your crochet stocking is complete! I hope you have enjoyed making this pattern and from our family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas!

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