Free Nativity Set Crochet A Long


Who's ready for a new CAL (crochet-a-long)? Starting November 5th we will be making a crocheted Nativity Set and you're invited to join us!

There will be 9 pieces in total with a new piece released for free here on the blog every Tuesday and Friday!

While there are set days that each part will be released, you're welcome to crochet at your own pace. There is no date your creation has to be started or finished.

Each piece measures approximately 4.5 inches tall (with exception of Baby Jesus and the Donkey about 3.5 inches).

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What's a CAL (Crochet-a-long)?

A CAL is a fun event where a group of crocheters come together and work on each part of the pattern together. This CAL will be split into 9 parts and is FREE here on the blog.

Where does it take place?

Each part will be posted here on the blog, but if you'd like more interaction with others who are joining in, you can join the Grace and Yarn Crochet Group on Facebook!

With everyone being in different time zones and having different schedules we will be crocheting at different times. The group atmosphere allows you to share photos, comments, and questions whenever you'd like!

While the Facebook group is the easiest place to interact with others participating in the CAL, it's not necessary to join. You can also grab a friend to crochet each part together or work on your own as well.

If you prefer to work with an ad-free printable PDF version, you can find the full pattern in my Etsy and Ravelry shops. 

How do I find each part?

Each piece of the Nativity Set will have it's own post here on the blog!

I will hyperlink each part below in this post, so feel free to PIN it here to save to your crochet board!

Each link will also be shared on my Facebook, Instagram and Group page.

If you'd like them sent straight to your inbox, you can sign up for my newsletter here! I'll also keep you updated when new patterns are released so you won't miss them!


When will each part be released?

The CAL will start on Friday, November 5th and will have 9 parts.

Part 1 - Friday, November 5th - Angel

Part 2 - Tuesday, November 9th - Shepherd

Part 3 - Friday, November 12th - Donkey

Part 4 - Tuesday, November 16th - 1st Wise Man

Part 5 - Friday, November 19th - 2nd Wise Man

Part 6 - Tuesday, November 23rd - 3rd Wise Man

Part 7 - Friday, November 26th - Joseph

Part 8 - Tuesday, November 30 - Mary

Part 9 - Friday, December 3rd - Baby Jesus and Manger


Making A Weighted Base

To help my pieces stand a little stronger I made a weighted base to put in the bottom of each one. This is optional and involves small pieces so please keep in mind if they will be handled often by young ones.

You can check out my tutorial here for more info on making your own.

Materials You Will Need

- Worsted Weight Yarn - If you are based in the UK or Australia this will be equivalent to Aran or 10 ply yarn. For my set I've used WeCrochet's Comfy Worsted (approximately 575 yards total) in the colors listed below. It's a soft (on the thin side) yarn made of 75% Cotton and 25% Acrylic. This is also a great pattern to use up small skeins you have in your stash as each piece requires little amounts of each color!

Silver Sage
Sea Foam

I started with 1 skein in each of these colors (with the exception of 2 skeins for Thicket) and ended up with a fair amount of yarn leftover in each shade.

- 9mm safety eyes
 - You will need 9 pairs total.

- 3.5 mm crochet hook - Hook size is negotiable, you want your stitches to be on the tight side so that you can't see the stuffing between your stitches. 

- Stuffing 

- Crochet thread/embroidery floss for eyebrows/eyelashes (optional)

- Tapestry needle - Bent tip needles work wonders when sewing with amigurumi.

- Scissors

- Stitch markers
- A scrap piece of yarn or safety pin will also do the trick.

- Sewing pins -  (Optional,  this helps to hold each piece in place while sewing)

If you are making a weighted base for each piece you will also want the following materials on hand (this is optional but comes in handy to help each piece stand in place).

- Poly-pellets - I used approximately 1/2 - 1 tbsp for each piece.

- Knee high stockings - (5 pair as you will need 9 total, I was able to find individual packages for $1.00 at my local WalMart)

- Stable - Having a stable or creche is optional for your display. I found the shelf I've used in my photos a couple years back at Hobby Lobby and it doesn't look like it's still available on their site. I have however found this wooden stable that would also be a perfect addition to your display!

Other Helpful Tips

If you are new to amigurumi, this is a fun pattern to start on. I will break down each part and provide helpful photos along the way. Feel free to ask questions at any time!

Here are some other helpful tutorials to dive a little deeper!

Tips to Making Amigurumi - All About Stuffing

Now the fun part, picking out your colors! Once you have them ready share a picture or comment with us in the group! I'll see you back on November 5th for Part 1 when we make our first piece, the Angel!



  1. This is absolutely stunning! Love the design and color choices. Have always been intimated by making multiple piece display but the CAL may be the answer.

    Thank you so very much!

    1. Thank you so much! We’d love to have you join!

  2. Would Hobbii rainbow cotton 8/4 work I have so much and plenty of color choice.

    1. Yes, it’s a fingering weight yarn so you will want to go down in hook size and keep in mind your pieces will turn out smaller :)

  3. So cute! I can't wait till I have a completed set. Thank you

    1. You’re welcome and thank you for your kind words!

  4. Where can is the pattern for the angel being posted

    1. Hi! You can find it here :)

  5. SO excited I came across this! Cant wait!

  6. I felt into Christmas spirit early this year and I was looking for cute pattern for Nativity set (normaly I started looking for Christmas decoration in January :), maybe it is becouse of this crazy year) I like your pattern, thnx. And since I am still working and I grab my hook only from time to time, it is nice idea of crocheting along. Looking forward for donkey pattern. And thank you again. I was thinking how to make camel on your base :)

  7. Thank you for all of your beautiful patterns you share with us! Your patterns are so easy to understand -- just great! Thanks so much!

  8. could i work this set in 100% acrylic yarn


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