13 Mother's Day Gift Ideas - A Free Crochet Pattern Roundup

Mother's Day is almost here! But there is still time to make something purposeful that she will cherish!

The gift of time is so very precious these days, we are busy. And that's an understatement. That's why a handmade gift is cherished! 

To give a beautiful crocheted (or any handmade) item to a loved one means we've given them our time. 

We've thought about what they like or need, their favorite colors, searched for the perfect pattern, used our favorite yarn and watched our fingers fly. 

With this post I hope I have saved you some time in searching for awe-inspiring patterns!

I have compiled 13 patterns that will give you inspiration for your special gift(s). Each has its own unique usefulness, texture and endless color possibilities (I love color!)

Within these patterns I have narrowed it down into a couple sections: items for the home and items for the kitchen (or cleaning to be exact). 

All things that are needed and won't collect dust anywhere!

*The images used in this post belong to the individual designer and have been used with permission*

In a hurry? Feel free to PIN to your favorite board and come back later!

Without further ado here starts the 'around the home' theme:

1. Spring Shawl by Hooked on Homemade Happiness - This shawl is wonderful in so many ways! 

The different stitches make for a beautiful texture, the shape is flattering and feminine and I just love the tassels on the end!

2. Crochet Koala Bear Basket by Repeat Crafter Me - I'm grinning ear to ear right now.....because you know my love for amigurumi! 

I was thrilled when I stumbled upon this idea and yes, I think it's perfect for Mother's Day! This pattern is fun, useful and perfect for organization.

If you are new to amigurumi check out my tips and materials page to help you get started!

3. Everia Picot Clutch by Whistle and Ivy - This clutch is quite unique and we moms love anything we can fill up! 

Bonus: Bethany has more awesome patterns for various clutches, the hardest part will be choosing which one to make!

4. Cascades Pillow from CAAB Crochet (Cute As A Button) - The name really describes this pillow quite well. 

A beautiful accent piece for any room in the house with a beautiful knit-look!

5. Sea Glass Basket by Elk Studio - I promised you texture and this pattern really delivers! 

This basket is resourceful and consists of some of my favorite stitches for added texture, front and back post double crochet! If you are new to crocheting around the post, don't worry it's easier than you think!

6 & 7. Bubblegum Accent Rug and Mason Jar Cozy by Little Monkeys Crochet - Both of these patterns would make a wonderful gift.

 I love the stripes on the accent rug and those colors! Her beautiful mason jar cozy has lovely texture as well and would pair amazingly with a bouquet of flowers!

8. Cotton Crochet Basket by B. Hooked Crochet - I have another basket pattern to share because they really are a great gift! 

This pattern works up fast and only uses 3 stitches! 

Kitchen/Cleaning Theme:

9. Flower Coaster by Maria's Blue Crayon - How fun are these? Perfect for Spring and a great gift idea!

 I love the little story behind how these coasters came to be! What colors will you choose?

10. Linen Stitch Crochet Table Runner by The Unraveled Mitten - I love that at every event my grandmother has a different beautiful table runner to display. 

The linen stitch used in this pattern is modern, defined and unique. Perfect combination! If I haven't convinced you to check it out yet, let me share that there are NO ends to weave in! You read that right!

11. Easy Crochet Mop Cover by me (Grace and Yarn) - This pattern came about when I found myself needing to buy more covers for my sweeper mop and I really didn't want to. 

Instead, I used my favorite cleaning stitch (the crunch stitch) to make my own covers that are washable and reusable!

12. Bright Chevron Dishcloth by Moogly - These bring me joy just looking at them! They are bright, cheerful and make me want to wash dishes!

 Tamara has made these fun and fast to work up, and she even tested the yarn she recommends. They have past the no bleed test, awesome!

13. April Showers Dish Cloths by Green Fox Farms Designs - These dish cloths are also quite fun! You get two different designs in one, both with great texture. 

Will you make the Cloud Cloth or the Sun Cloth (or both!)?

I hope you have enjoyed browsing through these inspiring patterns! Furthermore, I hope you found some great gift ideas for Mother's Day! 

- Stephanie

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