Amy the Amigurumi Doll - CAL Part 1

*****UPDATE: This CAL is over but you can still find the free pattern for the Amy Doll here!***** 

This sweet little doll was such a blast to make, I even made her to match my daughter, hence the similar outfits! She was over the moon to have a matching doll.

If you're just joining in head over here to get all the details on the CAL and the materials you'll need! 

If you have never done a CAL (crochet a long) before, you're in for some fun! Be sure to join the Grace and Yarn Crochet Group on Facebook. You can share your doll (or other crochet goodness you've made) and ask any questions you may have as we go! 

Below is Part 1, where we will be making the legs, body and skirt. The legs and body are made as one piece so no sewing is required for this part, woohoo!

Part 2 we will make the head, hair and facial features!

Part 3 we will make the arms and put her together!

If you prefer to work with a printable copy or would like to go at your own pace you can purchase an ad-free printable version in my Etsy or Ravelry shop for a low fee! 

This will remain a free pattern on the blog even after the CAL has ended so don't worry about it going anywhere! You can PIN this CAL to your favorite board to come back to anytime!

If you are new to amigurumi, I recommend reading through this post first for some great tips!

Abbreviations Used

SC- Single crochet

SC INC- Single crochet increase

INV DEC- Invisible decrease

HDC- Half double crochet

HDC INC- Half double crochet increase

Sl st – Slip stitch

Blo- Back loops only
Slowly stuff as you go. Stuffing amigurumi gets easier the more you make. I under-stuffed in the beginning and then went straight into over-stuffing (*sigh*), but I kinda enjoy the learning process to be honest. 

You will find the perfect balance. We want to stuff firmly by adding a little at a time, looking to stop just before the stitches start to stretch (to avoid gaps)! 

Alright, lets grab our hook (3.5mm) and yarn!

Legs and Body

Make 2- Starting with skin color

Round 1: Create a magic circle with 8 SC

Round 2: SC INC in each stitch (16)

Rounds 3-30: SC around (16)

Fasten off (do not fasten off at the end of the 2nd leg, see below)

*Round 31 joins the legs together and starts the body *

Round 31: Chain 4 and attach to the first leg with a SC, SC in the remaining stitches around the leg, when you reach the chain make a SC across each of the 4 chains, SC in the remaining stitches of the next leg and across each of the 4 chains (you will have SC on both sides of the chain 4 now) (40 SC) This completes your join and is where your next round will start.

*Quick note- This can be the trickiest part if you haven't made a project with this technique. The chains are like a bridge connecting the legs together and we want to crochet around the entire piece to make it one. *

Rounds 32-36: SC around (40) Change to skirt color

Round 37: SC around (40)

Round 38: SC around in the blo (40)

Round 39: SC around (40) Change to shirt color

Rounds 40-48: SC around (40)

Round 49: SC in the first 3 stitches, INV DEC, rpt around (32)

Round 50: SC around (32)

Round 51: SC in the first 2 stitches, INV DEC, rpt around (24)

Change to skin color

Rounds 52-53: SC around (24)

Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing


With color of choice

(Note: The skirt is not worked in continuous rounds, you will be joining each round at the end)

To work the skirt, have your doll’s body towards you and feet away from you (see pictures below for example) and we’ll work around:

Create a slip knot and attach with a slip stitch to one of the front loops from round 38 (For a cleaner look attach at the back of the body)

Round 1: Ch 1, DC in the same stitch and in each stitch around, join with a slip stitch to the first DC (40)

Round 2: Ch 1, *DC in the same stich, DC INC in the next*, *repeat around, join with a slip stitch to the first DC (60)

Rounds 3-7: Ch 1, DC in the same stitch and in each stitch around, join with a slip stitch to the first DC (60)

Fasten off and weave in ends

Part 1 is complete!

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  1. Thanks for the pattern. The doll turned out super cute and the pattern was easy to follow. What is the trick to getting the head not to flop over? I stuffed it really well.


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