Happy Friday friends! I'm super excited to share this sweet little seal pup with you!

Funny enough, I have been trying to design a seal since January. It went into time out for a while and the 3rd try finally resembled what I was looking for.

My favorite part of this seal is that the fin, body and head are all made in one piece. There is little sewing involved with this pattern and the final size is only 7 inches tall.

They work up so fast! I'll be using them to stuff stockings along with the mini cow and pig!

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A little while back I was asked to join other designers in the 30 Days of Cozy guest designer program hosted by Pam with The Crochetpreneur.

I knew I wanted to finish this seal pattern as I thought it would be the perfect addition to the bundle of cozy wintery patterns.

If you haven't heard about the 30 Days of Cozy head over here to find out the details and all the patterns that will be featured, there will be a new free pattern each day for the month of November! 

Also available this month is the pattern bundle of over 40 patterns for $10!

Keep reading for more helpful information about making this Seal Pup, if you'd like to go straight to the free pattern head here!


If you prefer to work with an ad-free printable version you can find one in my Etsy and Ravelry shop for just $3

You can also get it through November 30th in the pattern bundle I mentioned above, 40 patterns for $10

If you are new to amigurumi be sure to check out my Tips to Learning Amigurumi page, it's full tutorials and pictures to help you along the way!

While I made this seal pup a girl you can easily exclude the bow and eyelashes for a super cute boy version! They would also be adorable in white or grey!

I made mine with plastic safety eyes, if you intend your creation to go to a little one under 3 I highly recommend making crochet eyes like the ones here.

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  • Size 4 worsted weight yarn (50g of light brown)
  • Small amount of
    • Beige/Ivory for the mouth piece
    • Color of choice for the cheeks and bow
    • Black yarn for the nose
  • 3.5mm crochet hook
  • 10.5mm safety eyes
  • Black crochet/embroidery thread for the eyelashes (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stuffing
  • Stitch markers (a piece of yarn or safety pin works great!)
Abbreviations US Terminology

MC - Magic Circle

SC - Single Crochet

SC INC - Single Crochet Increase

INV DEC - Invisible Decrease

DC - Double Crochet

St(s) - Stitch(es)

You are all set to make your sweet seal pup! Head over to The Crochetpreneur blog to get the free pattern, I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for stopping by!

Christmas is only 48 days away and many of us have gifts and colorful projects on our minds!

I asked a lot of you in the Grace and Yarn Crochet Group (on Facebook) what Christmas patterns you would like to see on the blog and I LOVE the ideas.

I saw some requests for a penguin and reindeer and realized that finding some of my designs might be hard having to search through the pages. I'm hoping this post will make it easier by grouping all of my Christmas patterns together! 

I have plans for more Christmas patterns and will be sure to add their links to this post here to keep it going. Feel free to PIN this to your crochet board to find them again later!

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Each pattern has endless color options and with the addition or exclusion of eyelashes and bows you can boy or girl versions.

All patterns call for plastic safety eyes (with the exception of Penn the Penguin) but these crochet eyes can be used as an alternative if you prefer!

Each pattern is free here on the blog (miss seal pup is part of the 30 Days of Cozy event and can be found here!) 

You can also find the ad-free PDF versions in my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Gingerbread Couple

A lot of my earlier designs had a boy and girl version each unique with their own outfit. I really wanted to keep that when I was working on this gingerbread doll couple! 

They work up rather quickly and their frosting details really make me want to start baking!

Patrick is ready for Winter with his nice warm sweater. Easily add a bow and eyelashes for a cute girl version. 

I've actually been contemplating making Holly the Honey Bear with the nose piece from Patrick to have a cute boy and girl version in different outfits. 

There just might be an update to her pattern or a Holly 2.0 in the future.

Welcome to Part 3 of the Crochet-A-Llama CAL! This is the last and final part!

Today we will make the arms, tail and scarf, plus make the final assembly!

If you are just joining in on the CAL you can head over here to find out all the details and the previous parts. It's never too late to join in and each part will remain here on the blog, feel free to crochet at your own pace.

Be sure to share your photos in the Grace and Yarn Crochet Group on Facebook, I love seeing everyone's colors and creative details to make it your own!


An ad-free printable copy can also be found on my Etsy and Ravelry shop, this includes the full pattern!

The CAL is split into 3 parts:

Part 3 - November 2 - Arms, Tail, Scarf, Final Assembly (this post here)

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You may make and sell items made from this pattern but please do not sell, share or reproduce the actual pattern. If you sell finished items online (Etsy, etc) please provide a link to the pattern and credit to me as the designer, thank you! I hope you enjoy this pattern!

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It's finally November 1st, and I can officially share this really exciting project with you! A fun group of designers (yours truly included) have been working hard to bring you 30 patterns ready for Fall and Winter as part of The Crochetpreneur guest designer program!

What is 30 Days of Cozy?

30 crochet patterns (plus a few extras!) have been combined into a bundle for you, all for $10!

Everything from pillows to amigurumi, from hats to cowls!

The free version of each pattern will also be featured on The Crochetpreneur blog, one pattern each day for the month of November! You can find the first one here!

What will be included from Grace and Yarn?

I'm so excited to share, this sweet baby seal pup!

She is perfect for stuffing those stockings or for a quick make for Christmas! And best part, her tail, body and head are made as one piece, minimal sewing required!
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